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    Homefront (G3D)

    This thread is for my personal Homefront profile only, so reports can be treated better.

    I mainly used a DX11 Unreal 3 base profile for this fix which made less shader fixes nessecary. I decided to leave most shadows enabled, in parts they look slighty off but give the game a much better look as if they were disabled. Improved sniper gun view (laser).

    – FULL VR with Headtracking
    – Cinema Mode on default
    – Use PCGW FOV Tool, set to 130
    – Profile available at the cloud

    Some pics here: http://rjkole.com?g=423


    hi and thanks for making this profile
    the 3d effect is good

    one problem though is that full vr mode has no headlook function, so no matter how you turn your head the view doesnt move at all, only moving the mouse moves the view.

    also what ratio should the resolution be for this profile? vorpx says to use 4:3/5:4 but some profiles say you have to use 16:9, this one doesn’t mention?


    Cant reproduce the issue here. Headtracking is mainly mousebound , so this should work. Please check if your headtracking works with other vorpx games. Your may also increase the headtracking sensitivity on the main vorpx menu page and check on the Headtracking settings page that HT is enabled and HT sensitivity has a positive value.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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