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    Hey guys,

    Horizon just got an update today, and while before the game just ran like garbage on my machine (textures wouldnt load in, etc, VR did actually work, but I held off on playing the game til a patch)…

    So patch came out.. but the game crashes immediately on launch or it will let me get to the first loading screen and crash.

    Anyone found a workaround for this yet? I know the game must be launched via SteamVR, I didnt change that setting in Vorpx but still cant get it to not crash. Update is called 1.10, came out 1-19-2021


    Still working here with the latest update. Might be worth a try to delete the game’s shader cache (click), although that’s pretty much a long shot, I didn’t have to do that.


    Thanks Ralf, ill give that a shot. Appreciate your work and time for us


    Crashes on launch. Right after “Sony Interactive Entertainment presents” shown. Latest updates installed on both, vorpX and Horizon – Zero Dawn. Shaders cache is missing after latest game update – shaders being optimized on each game launch (game works fine when launched without vorpX).

    HMD Valve Index, GPU nVidia 3090, latest drivers.


    Are you using the latest graphic card drivers? Horizon has issues with old drivers even on monitor.


    Actually, same thing happens here, I gave it a try and crashes at the same point. Tried the page file size mentioned in other post and it didn’t work. Game works fine launching without VR too.


    I just installed the 1.10 update and have no issues with vorpx hooking it – it had to recompile the shaders but that’s to be expected. Maybe something in the LocalCacheDX12 folder is causing it.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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