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    Hello there,

    I have a framedrop here and then, could by me a faster CPU, but before i do so,
    i wonder if there could be some improvements done within windows (W7/64)to give VorpX a few more resources. I remember with win XP disabling several services made the machine sometimes faster. How about the firewall ? I can imagine that uses resources we dont really need while playing a game.
    Any ideas how to make my machine a little faster for VorpX ?



    Looks like the next release has a 5-7% boost in most games. Upgrading my graphics card REALLY helped on stuff like GTA V and Skyrim, amazing the framerates I used to put up with.


    I wondered because most games i have tried so far run without studdering or hangers, only a framedrop every few minutes, even i dont even move around in a game. I could imagine that some part of windows is responsible for that.


    Well, i finally bought me an I7 and got rid of the framedrops.

    What i am wondering about is that i changed from an i3-6100 to an i7-6700 and the FPS didnt raise at all (G3D on HUNTED). Somehow strange is that the game above runs extremly well and fast now, VorpX says 30 FPS only but i cant really beleive that because the game runs so fluend. (GTX 970).

    What Graphics cards did you change and can you give me some numbers you had improved in FPS ?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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