How do i set Vorpx Menu/Edgepeek to Long Press instead of Short Press?

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    Hey everyone,

    I hadnt really had an issue with short press being the way the Vorpx in game menu (del) and image zoom until more games recently have just been popping into start menu/doing actions even with a tap (intended to bring up vorpx menu)

    When i load vorpx sometimes it has a tooltip saying you can change it from short press to long press in vorpx menus.

    I was wondering where i needed to go to change that, so bringing up Vorpx in game menu (del) comes up after a long press, not a short press.
    thanks for any help!


    That won‘t work in many games since a lot of them evaluate the thumb stick key press duration themselves, e.g. for sprinting or crouching while the button is pressed, which wouldn‘t work anymore if vorpX was set to long press.

    What you can do however is using the menu/pause buttons on the gamepad instead of the thumbstick buttons, which works in the same way as the thumbsticks per default. The according option can be found on the ‚Input‘ page of the ingame menu.


    Thanks for response, Ralf!

    I actually set all my profiles to start/menu for exactly what youre talking about – sprinting and crouching in games.

    So i was hoping there was a way to hold in the start button to bring up the Vorpx menu (since ill be accessing that less) than the actual game start button.

    didnt know if there was an option to make the start button short press go to game pause screen; start button long press go to vorpx in game menu.

    i only ask cause ive been running into more games where just tapping it is still pulling up the game’s menu or map and stuff.

    thanks again for your time, hope you have a great weekend!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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