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    I’m trying to learn how to put a non supported game in cinematic 3D. Either I’m looking in the wrong place or I can’t find the how to. I have a few game that are not on the games list and want to experiment but don’t even know where to start. I’m going to have a hard time playing 2D games on a flat screen again. VorpX is way to much fun.


    first, you need to know what engine the game uses.
    second, you need to find a game in the profile list (or sometimes cloud profile list) which uses the same profile, for example unreal engine 4.
    third, you need to make a copy of that profile and then attach the exe of your game to that profile.

    next, try to start the game, maybe it will hook and maybe 3D will work (Z3D or/and g3D), but maybe it wont, if that’s the case, you can try another game profile using the same engine.

    sometimes for 3D to work, you need to launch the game in windowed mode or fullscreen mode, and sometimes you even have to turn off antialiasing or other things like dlss or other stuff.

    sometimes it just wont work and you’ll have to ask for a profile in the game wish list thread, sometimes it will, you wont know if you dont try.

    fun fact, i remember before shadow of the tomb raider got an official profile, i had it running in Z3D using conan exile profile which runs on a total different game engine, that’s the magic of vorpx for you, but most of the time games with different engines wont hook if you try, ie creating a profile using a unity engine game for a game running on an unreal engine 4 engine will probably not hook.

    also dont forget vorpx right now doesnt support vulkan, and dx12 is Z3D only atm.


    Ok cool. Sounds like I’m going to have fun missing around with my games. thank you for the info.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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