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    I’m experimenting with making custom profiles for GTA V. There is an option to export the profiles to a file, which I took to mean we could then … use them in some way. Like import them back into VorpX to use with GTA V. But VorpX will not let me detach the default GTA V profile from the GTAV.exe. How am I supposed to use an imported profile if the default profile is locked onto the .exe?


    Profiles consist of two parts. System settings and user settings. For official profiles only the user settings are exported, so you can easily switch between two (or more) sets of settings this way at any time.

    The main reason for this – reasonably sophisticated if I may say so – system is that it allows updating system settings for a game, for example when a new vorpX version comes out, without you losing your individual user settings. Overwriting the system settings of an official profile would interfere with this and also doesn’t really make sense, there’s nothing to gain from that. All official profiles contain game specific adjustments (e.g. shader fixes) that you wouldn’t be able to replicate yourself.


    Thanks for responding, Ralf. There is something I’m not understanding here. Right now I have the official GTA V profile and my customized version of that profile which I called “GTA V with Tweaked Zoom.” Both profiles are listed but ONLY the official GTA V profile is assigned to the GTAV.exe. My “GTA V with Tweaked Zoom” profile can not be assigned to GTAV.exe … so how does it affect the game?

    Can we have more than one profile for a game and switch between them? Or is there only ever one profile per game?


    You cannot change the assignment for the .exe if a game has an official proile. As said above that would 1. interfere with the profile update system and 2. doesn’t make sense since you cannot replicate the game specific fixes in your custom profile. You would lose shadow/reflection/other shader fixes and a lot more game specific things. In short: such a profile would be a lot worse than the original (in case of GTA V specifically actually more or less unusable).

    You can however easily apply different sets of user settings to the profile if you want to experiment, no need to make a profile copy for that. If you export the official GTA V profile, only the user part is exported, then you can do your experiments and later easily reimport the exported settings to go back to the prior state. You can also switch between multiple sets of settings for one profile this way.

    The beauty of this system is that you can still take advantage of any potential future base profile updates when you reimport your settings later. This is designed the way it is designed on purpose and will not be changed.

    Hope that clarifies this.


    Sorry to resurrect this old thread but still there is something i don’t get it about cloud profiles.

    I’m playing Resident Evil 7

    on the cloud i’ve found a resident evil 7 profile that hopefully fixes ghosting on gun on g3d.
    i’ve downloaded it but i can’t use it as i’m unable to assign re7.exe to that profile because i can’t remove (even temporarly!) re7.exe from the official profile.

    so basically every cloud profile that has an official profile available is unusable, what’s the point then to have user profiles if you don’t allow us to use them?

    you said i can export a custom profile and do tries and then re-import, ok, but you don’t let us save a cloud profile externally if there isn’t an exe assigned, and honestly even if it was working this way it’s more complicated then it should, import profile, then save on desktop, then re-import in order to overwrite user settings from the official one?

    so assuming that this cloud profile is slave from the official one and only contains user settings, what i have to do to import over the official one?

    and if someone is making a shader hack job that is different from the fix you provided by default how can he use it?

    am i missing something ?


    Yes, i agree that, for example Killing Floor 2 is in perfect G3D playable via the Bioshock Infinite Profile. But i had to use an special exe to get the Game runninh without Steam that you can rename the Exe. Then you can use an “custom” Bioshock Infinte Profile with it.

    The best option would be:
    To create an Expert Option, that you are able to remove offical profiles.
    If something go wrong, you can just Full Factory Reset. So the offical Profile will then restored in Vorpx.
    Maybe its not so easy as i think :), but maybe this could be possible.


    facing the same problem… and still, there is no answer
    What the point to have Cloud User Profiles if no one can use it?

    Cloud has Geometry 3D Remnant: From the Ashes profile, but it’s not possible to try it.
    Just allow us Remove *.exe from the official profile and assign it to another one.
    Why not?


    I am facing a similar issue with being unable to apply User Profiles. Please allow us to unassign the programs from the VorpX default profiles.


    Hi guys had the same problem over a year because I have 3 games with the name game.exe on my vorpx tryout list (Its reserved for a other game). Also I wanted to give Inside a deeper look in exchange for switching off some shaders ;) . But as you know in official profiles you cannot use the shadertool. The only way to achieve this would be to rename the exe file of the game. But here is the problem gaming clients such as steam prevent you from doing so…
    One option would be looking for the cracked.exe to get rid of steam but Dont do that !
    For Steam I found a working program which is able to rename your exe and save it to your local steam configuration.

    Make yourself a picture all I know Ive tried and it worked :)


    … this prog is really small
    here is how to use.

    Start Steam.
    Browse to your local folder of your game and find the exe of that game.
    Then make a copy and rename the copy to i.e. gamename2.
    Startup Steamedit and make sure that the little game controller icon is shimmering green.
    Now select your game from the list to the left (It will show all your steam games) and click the Edit Launch button left below. Put into the tab “Executable” the name of your copied exe. Press Ok. Do a Save and refresh with the button right, it will restart steam. Now important only start the game(your new exe) from the folder not from the steamlibary. I’m also a bit new to it so still in testing. But I got “Gattling Gears” running dispite its game.exe and managed to trick Vorpx to think INSIDE has no profile.


    did test justcause 3 and could make it g3d with the MadMax profile


    If you export the official GTA V profile, only the user part is exported, then you can do your experiments and later easily reimport the exported settings to go back to the prior state. You can also switch between multiple sets of settings for one profile this way.

    what? and how do I experiment if I cannot use any different profile besides the original that I cannot change at all?

    I didn’t understood at all.
    Can you please explain me or someone how do I make Remnant:from the ashes to use the G3D profile back again?

    I was playing this game with beautiful G3D then after an update I can see the official VorpX profile but this “new and official profile” killed G3D and now it is only z-normal or z-adaptive, in the meantime I can still see a Remnant G3D profile available in the cloud since previous versions…
    HOW DO I USE it again in G3D ?? I cannot assign the exe file, the exe file is assigned to the official new VorpX profile…it cannot be removed and therefore is not allowing me to play in G3D as I was playing before.



    Sounds as if something is messed up. The GTA V profile has G3D as it always had. Please try to reset it to default in the config app. If that doesn’t help, try a full factory reset (trouble shooting page).

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