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    I’m playing with the Steam version of Alien: Isolation, and applied the official VorpX Profile. I’m trying the FullVR mode, and if I reduce the Image Zoom to its minimum value, I can get a relatively stable image.

    If I uninstall/delete the game from Steam (to save space on the hard drive to install another game), does that remove the VorpX profile?

    I’m wondering if the VorpX profile is imbedded within the game folder itself, or do I need to go under the Animation Lab folder, and delete from somewhere within there?

    Thanks for any help that can be provided.


    The vorpX profiles are stored in a database, so usually there is nothing to remove.

    No rule without exception though. In a handful of cases a few files may be copied to the game folder (either individual game mods or hook helper DLLs), but those don’t really use a significant amount of disk space.

    If you want to be extra sure that everything is gone after uninstalling a game from Steam, delete its install folder. Many games leave a few files in their install folders themselves after uninstalling, so if you care about the very last byte, removing the install folders is good practice anyway. Not really necessary though. With today’s harddisk sizes a few kilobytes of dangling files simply don’t matter anymore.

    On a sidenote: You might also want to check wehther the game in question is one where vorpX can change game settings. if so those can can be restored to the pre-vorpX state on the ‘Restore Game Settings’ page in the config app.


    Thanks Ralf,
    I found out about the MotherVR mod for Alien: Isolation, and was going to try that out, which is why i was asking. But as I’m now running Windows 11, it turns out the MotherVR mod is more complicated to make work (e.g., like copying the game folder somewhere else and using a ‘mklink’ command to link the two folders).
    I think I’ll be staying with the VorpX solution.


    The vorpX profiles are stored in a database, so usually there is nothing to remove.

    There is no way of making it possible for users to make vorpX restricting itself from making use of certain profiles or i better say “making use of certain game exe files which are linked to profiles”?

    In certain cases (like the RESIDENT EVIL 2 remake) i had to use the profile from another game (official RE2 profiles werent working anmyore due to that crappy dx12 update) but there was the problem of being unable to add the resident evil 2 exe file because the official profiles already used it.

    Now it wasn´t that much of a problem since i just renmaed the original resident evil 2 exe file and happily no other process was using the original exe file of the game.

    But when some other process would need the original exe file to work with the game, this would be bad news and i would have to play the game on the desktop viewer instead of making vorpX hook to it.

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