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    Hi, I bought vorpx yesterday and I can’t find anywhere how it is supposed to work. I received the code and everything but can’t figure out how I am supposed to launch a game with vorpx. Nothing I tried seems to work. Can someone explain me how I can launch a game with this software?


    Once you’ve installed the application, launch it by running “VorpX Control” from your start menu (or desktop). You’ll know it is running when you see the VorpX icon in your Windows task tray.

    After it is running, simply turn on your Oculus Rift and launch a compatible game. Anything on the supported games list should fire up and function through VorpX automatically. Many unsupported games will work as well.

    If you launch a game that does not automatically render through VorpX, simply right-click on the icon in the system tray and choose “Create Desktop Shortcut”. This will open a windows open dialog. Navigate to the installation folder of the game you are trying to run and select it’s EXE file.” Then launch the game via the newly created desktop shortcut.

    Unfortunately some game simply will not work for various technical reasons.

    Good luck.


    Hi thanks for the answer, unfortunately i tried the shortcut for games like skyrim, bioshock infinite, outlast, metro last light, portal 2… none of them worked. I cfan’t even access the in game menu of vorpx by pressing DEL.


    You did start “vorp Control”, did you? ;) I guess so since you created shortcuts.

    What exactly does not work? If vorpX does not even hook up for any game you tried, then there seems to be something fundametally flawed.

    First thing you should try is un-install and then re-install vorpX, just in case. Re-boot windows before doing this, to be extra sure that everything gets uninstalled. vorpX does some sanity checks on startup, but maybe your installation is corrupted in a way that does not get detected.

    If that doesn’t help, take a look at the trouble shoot sticky, in case you haven’t done so before. Maybe there is some conflict between vorpX and your virus scanner. If absolutely nothing works that sounds like a probable explanation.


    got the same problem

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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