How does Vorpx attach its itself to game and what does it change?

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    Curious of how Vorpx attaches itself to a game’s exe? and if it changes any of the game files?. For example what if you wanted to go back to playing games in 2D, does all the files revert back to its original state when you play in 2D again?. Say a game like Dragon Age Origins? looks cool in VR but if you want to go back to 2D, what files needs to be changed or none at all?


    Per default vorpX doesn’t change anything, but there are games where it can automatically change game settings to optimize them for vorpX. Whenever that happens you see a notification in the headset and, more importantly, can revert these changes in the config app under ‘Restore Game Settings’.

    In addition to that vorpX *may* occasionally install hook helpers to game folders as a trouble shooting measure. These don’t do anything unless vorpX is running, so as far has hook helpers are concerend you can easily switch between vorpX and monitor gaming simply by closing vorpX. You can remove potentially installed hook helpers in the config app under ‘Remove Hook Helpers’.

    If you don’t see anything on either of these two pages in the config app, vorpX hasn’t made any lasting changes to games in your case.

    When you do a factory reset or uninstall vorpX, all game settings are restored and all hook helpers are removed at once.


    Ahh okay, that clears everything up lol..thanks a lot :).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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