How does VorpX Desktop Viewer compare to Virtual Desktop/BigScreen?

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    Was wondering if anyone here had any experiences with these programs? I was thinking of picking up Virtual Desktop 3D SBS emulation and movies but then I got to thinking that VorpX Desktop Viewer might already fulfill those needs for me. Plus it has features like Crystal Image and I’m not sure if Virtual Desktop has anything like that.

    Anyone here think its worth picking up Virtual Desktop or should I just stick to VorpX? Maybe it’s worth picking up Virtual Desktop just for the convenience aspect? Desktop Viewer kinda of a pain to boot and use. I imagine Virtual Desktop would be more streamlined and use my Index controllers properly

    btw I already own VorpX I was just wondering if I should buy a dedicated program for the desktop feature


    VorpX has a much clearer screen than Big Screen and even Virtual Desktop; it also offers stereoscopic 3D for many non VR games out of the box which Big Screen and Virtual Desktop can not offer without additional tools.


    In my experience, vorpx desktop viewer is by far the best when it works, altho i often end up with it shutting down / restarting in loop with no error messages or anything to help me figure what is causing problem and at which point i use virtual desktop.

    Virtual desktop works alright but you wont get as much fps on the virtual screen nor as good clarity compared to vorpx.

    tldr, vorpx desktop viewer is great so long as it work for you, its a bit finicky as for what conflict with it and stuff.

    Virtual desktop on the other hand, is lower quality result, but ive yet to see an instance where it didnt work.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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