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    I bought vorpX to play Skyrim and got it working without too much difficulty.

    What I realized makes my experience most difficult is the fact that the UI was obviously not designed for that use in mind. The problem is I have to focus on various UI elements instead of looking to infinity which hurts my eyes and makes this unplayable for more than a few minutes, none of the options below really addresses the problem.

    1- UI Downscale: This might work if it was allowed to go below 50% which is still not possible with the latest version + if it did, the quality of the UI would be reduced substantially to make things too small to read/to low quality to read.
    2- Modify the skyrim ini file to add a safezone and bring the UI to the center: This actually works somewhat better than the vorpX UI downscale in that it can place stuff in the middle of the screen but unfortunately makes UI elements stack unto each other making the UI hard to use.
    3- EdgePeek I think is the direction towards an actual solution but there are two problems: My eyes still automatically track various UI elements and I can’t seem to rely on my head for looking at stuff. And the biggest caveat is I just can’t click on things while EdgePeek is activated, not sure if that’s by design?

    I’m thinking EdgePeek could be fixed if it could:
    1- Be setup as a toggle as opposed to having to hold down the button.
    2- Allow to click on in-game stuff while in EdgePeek mode by allowing clicks triggered from the center of the screen cross (perhaps locking the Skyrim mouse to the middle of the screen would do the trick).

    Then I’d be truly forced to move my head to look at the UI and I could click on UI elements while in Edge Peek mode.

    Until then I simply resolve to playing without the Oculus.


    EdgePeek actually is a toggle. It works like you describe when you press and hold the MMB, but you can also toggle EdgePeek with a short click.

    Having both gives you maximum flexibility. Press+hold for shortly looking at an UI element, toggle with a short click for using menus etc. Years of research went into this ingenious double key functionality. ;)

    The same behaviour is implemented for other functions too.


    Oh I see, thank you hadn’t tried that.

    Well then maybe this will address most of it, will try tonight. Having the option to lock the Skyrim cursor to the middle cross might help even better if it’s not too hard to implement.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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