How is the Mass Effect trilogy in Vorpx?

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    1. How well do these games play in vorpx?
    2. Are you in the environment or looking at a big screen?
    3. Ddoes the controller mod work too?
    4. Is it easy to set up? (I have a lot of Vorpx experience, but don’t really want to hassle that much to play this game)

    Thanks :)


    i only tried the first one, just because i already played the three mass effects years ago and i dont have time to redo the same games even in VR, too many new games to play :D

    the first mass effect has buggy sky in G3D (lots of flickering) other that this distracting issue, it runs fine.

    to change fov there is a guide

    note that for cutscene you better switch to edgepeek mode or else your eyes will be hurt bad because of those “cinematic” camera angles.

    and it’s better to play this game in immersive screen mode or even cinematic mod, that way you can see HUD when you need.

    controller mod ? never heard of that, gamepad works fine, as does the combo keyboard + mouse.


    It probably works because of Vorpx’s build in controller support. There is a mod that enables native controller support, so it can be played like it does on xbox. I’ll just skip playing it with Vorpx. Doesn’t sound like it is worth it.

    Thanks for the clarification, though :)


    i do not agree, i heard great feedback about mass effect games + vorpx.
    you should give it a try if you have both vorpx + mass effect games.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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