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    I have an RTX 2080 card and a FULL HD monitor 1920×1080

    I heard that if you want to use vorpx and get good image quality you have to set 4k resolution and i assume 80 FPS locked(assuming i use Oculus Rift S)

    Is it true that i have to set 4k resolution even for full HD monitor and i need minimum 80 FPS for Oculus Rift S ?? + on top 3d injection of geometry i feel i have to play on medium low to get 80 FPS stable ?


    Dead forum lol . Tool seems abandoned also . Nice.


    Not sure what you consider abandoned about a tool that get several updates per year since seven years. Also a forum isn’t dead just because you don’t get an answer to a question you have within a few hours on a Saturday. Others have weekends too, you know. :)

    vorpX works fine below 80fps. Half the headset refresh rate works still well. Unlike most native VR apps with vorpX you can even go below half. Whether that still is comfortable for you depends on you though.

    4K resolutions are a bit of a overkill. More resolution is always better, but you don’t need 4K.


    What does having a “FULL HD” (just a marketting gimmick) monitor has to do with the resolution while using an HMD?

    On PC you tweak the settings on a game in order to get an acceptable framerate/graphics, basically a compromise, there’s no universal rule bc the performance of your PC is limited by your hardware, which nowadays there’s myriads to choose from and every configuration will vary.

    You can either get good enough graphics at 60/90 fps stable or great glitchy graphics bc your PC can barely maintain 60 fps once you actually start playing.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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