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    Hi, I’ve just installed vorpx for use with my pimax 8kx.

    The ipd is way off, so much so there is no convergence at all, double vision!

    I can manually change the ipd in the headset software but this is less than ideal.

    Is there a way to adjust this in vorpx?


    Did you follow these instructions?

    Official Pimax 5K/8K Recommendations

    From some other messages I have read on internet, with the Pimax headsets, in some games and especially with VorpX, you need to have parallel projections enabled on Pitool or you will see double vision.

    I also bought the Pimax 8KX and I’m now waiting for it arrive.


    Ah thanks I will try these settings. Sounds like parallel projections is what’s causing the double vision issue


    8K-X user here as well. You will definitely need PP on for use with vorpX. Ralf has explained that in the case of vorpX the PP setting causes very little performance loss.

    You also may want to try adjusting the “focal offset” (I think that’s what the option is called) in the vorpX in-game menu. I’ve found that anything I play though vorpX will cause eyestrain unless I push that setting a bit higher than default. To me, it feels like vorpX places the screen too close to my eyes; like having a book slightly too close to my face. This is vorpX-specific to me; it’s never been a problem with native VR titles. But it’s been fairly easy to minimize using that setting, so no big deal.


    The default immersive screen distance (1.0) means about 80cm. If you want a more cinematic feel with a larger screen farther away you can do that with the scale/distance controls under ‘More Screen Settings’. Goes up to about 10m wide 15m away in immersive screen mode.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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