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    Can anyone show me / link me to a guide that shows how to use existing “official” vorpX profiles with unofficial games for the purpose for testing / tweaking? And what do I press to bring up the pixel shader editor?

    I want to get Descent 1 working in VorpX and want to use the already working Descent 2 profile as my base.


    You can import Descent 1 levels into D2X-XL ( It’s not necessary to make a custom profile to play Descent 1.

    Apart from that: the vorpX help has a short introduction regarding user profiles. Easiest way to access it is probably from the ‘Local Profiles’ page of the config app.

    Fun fact: wanting to play Descent on my DIY headset almost eight years ago was pretty much what sparked vorpX.


    Oh that is excellent news! Thanks for both hints! Also I love that fun fact! VorpX has been an amazing ride and I’m happy more people keep getting introduced to it. It’s such an awesome tool! VorpX has brought me hundreds of hours worth of enjoyment and there’s so much more to explore!


    Funny, ive played D1 with hundrets of levels all the way through years ago (2D), i even created some levels with “Devil”, remember ,-) I kept D2 including all the old D1 levels on my drive ever since.

    With me D2X-XL looked a bit funny with vorpX when i tried it the last time (few month ago). Hard to explain, it was like the rendering had a lag and/or frames where evened out in a funny way that made me motion sick more quickly then with any other game.
    It looked a bit like that bug long time ago that users were reporting after a vorpx update where everything was like “under water”. IIRC that had to do with the motion smoothing when it was first introduced by SteamVR.
    Can anyone confirm this behave for D2X-XL ?


    Freespace next plz. :D

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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