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    Hi all.

    For those who want to use Vorpx on 3D TV technology (including 3D Vision etc) feel free to take a look at my blog post and video.


    (Vorpx is just fanastic)


    3D Vision will not work this way because its a different technique. Also 3D Vision must be disabled while using VorpX.


    Exactly, 3d vision uses another technique by default.
    However, in the passive TVs of my house… I can ensure that it works well by side by side.

    From what I have been able to prove so far, I am practically convinced that it works, on any TV / projector with SBS support, active or passive through this technique sbs, which already seems to me something fantastic in the current times.

    The only downside and suggestion, or request I have about it, is that I would like to be able to play, with a new general screens tab sbs, for Vorpx in a future update, without the need to have typical “barrel effect shader” active to lens distortion, since for this purpose it is not necessary, and if it can be deactivated, it would also have other advantages, for example:
    Avoid any distortion, take advantage of a higher percentage of screen, and improve the overall image.

    Even if a principle is not possible or is not the time, to allow
    Shader improvements in 3D profiles, made by “shaderhacker” in the community, but having this basic support without distortion, to be able to use also with my traditional screens at home …
    It simply makes Vorpx for my opinion the best and most complete tool related to 3D and virtual reality today.

    PD: Personally, and regardless of whether Vorpx continues to focus on VR headset as the main use,
    I am totally willing to make an extra payment for this functionality, or failing that, even a voluntary donation as thanks.


    I can’t seem to find this entry on the blog anymore. Did it get moved? I’m very interested in setting up games on my passive 3D TV.


    @grumdark now you can make a donation to Ralf for the new Generic Monitor option ;-)


    Setting up games should be very easy now. Just choose “Generic Monitor” as device in the vorpx config app, make a custom resolution or simply use the resolution of your tv. Switch through the different modes that are available (Full VR, Cinema) to see what suits best.

    BTW: I have just tested a 1920×1080 passive TV yesterday with a 3D film and it looked awful (half resolution per eye). No wonder noone bought 3D TVs. For my taste, at least a 4k TV is needed for a good image.


    Side-by-Side 3D reduces the resolution, but most 3D TVs use Frame Sequential method which doesn’t reduce the resolution.


    The vorpX side-by-side output lies somewhat in the middle between ‘normal’ SBS and full size techniques quality wise since it actually renders a full sized image and then scales it down horizontically afterwards. You essentially get a 2×1 supersampled image that way. So while there is some detail loss from the post process scaling, the result is still a lot better compared to doing the actual render at half width.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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