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    Trancer Spacey

    Hi there,

    today I made a kind of “experiment” with vorpX. As you all know you have to find out the correct eye position in oculus’ configuration window, where you have to look at these greens lines, dissapearing in the side of the screen. Then the setting is fixed.

    With vorpX it’s possible to change this position ingame on the fly and see the results directly. So I’m a bit unsure now what is the correct method to find out your real eye distance. Because when I did it via vorpX, the result increased immersion totally, which was pretty impressive.

    What I did: I put the rift on, started Skyrim and tried not to focus my view on the pixels in front of me. Instead I focused my view relaxed at a imagined point in the far distance which – of course -causes loosing focus of the near oled display in front of me. Then I opened vorpX-menue and on page 2 I changed the eye position data. While I did this,I let my focus stay at this far imagined point. So I increased the eye-value until the doubled pictures get together into one stereo-matching view.

    So I increased my eye position from oculus detected 60.80 to about 63 in the vorpX menue, matching with the new focus in the distance. The initial reason for this was to find out, if his farer way focus is more comfortable for my eyes.

    But I was quite surprised how the new picture was soaking me into the game. The only downside was the field of view seemed smaller and a bit of sickness was here again (After my first week with the rift this sickness was totally gone – till today) But I think this is perhaps just of the new focus and I my body will adapt to this new setting after a while and will loose simulator sickness again.

    So my question: what is the best method to detect the real, healthy eye position? Because of this impressive effect in vorpX I’m not sure if I did Oculus calibration correct.


    The IPD value as computed by vorpX isn’t correct on the DK2 currently. What you did is correct though. If it feels right, meaning it does not cause eye strain, it’s probably the correct value.

    The best method is to have your IPD measured by an optometrist. That is clearly superior to any digital calibration, but probably not really necessary.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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