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    Hello, i dont know if there is an easier way and if so you can please tell me.

    But anyway. I bought vorpx mostly for fallout. Tried alot and got “Failed To Initialize renderer. Your display doesn’t support the selected resolution. please set a different resolution in Fallout New Vegas” all the time. Tried almost every frikking way.

    But finally! And i dont know if you got this working before me but ive searched google and stuff and didnt find any solution but shame on quitters.

    I saw that the screen tried to clone rift and my monitor when i got the error all the time and vorpx did work when i only had my monitor on. Anyway. If you clone your screen and rift beforehand and then try (ive had “show only on rift but dont think that matters really) and then when you try again it should work but mine was sideway on the rift (Might work if rift is primary) but all i did was rotate to “portaite” and then it worked with the rift.

    Well if you have an easier way let me know and this might work in other games with the same error in resolution.

    Hope it helped someone! Been trying a couple of hours and only get 5 hours to until work and wanted to help someone if more people have this problem.


    This is really interesting, I’m busy with Assetto Corsa right now but I’ll give it a try, thanks for reporting!


    Yeah but sorry. Tried it after work again and noticed that it do work but you get widescreen om wrong side. H <— widescreen. — <— game when you do that så youre missing out alot at the sides.

    Mailed Ralf about that its trying to clone and prob thats the reason it gets wrong and they were aware of that and that is a bug after dk1 release of vorpx and new vegas and other games that behaves like that should be working soon. So its just to wait if you dont know any way to work that out :(

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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