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    Software: Steam VR: Pitool:
    Hardware: Pimax 5K: Xbox and PS4 Controllers.
    Current VR game without VorpX: Elite Dangerous Horizons (Works flawlessly).
    I don’t own hand wands.

    I bought Fallout 4 VR from steam and it starts perfectly but I’m stuck at character customisation because I don’t have Hand wands, I bought VorpX hoping to get Fallout 4 VR to play with my console controllers.

    Any ideas as to how I get VorpX to play Steam’s FO4 VR with Console Controllers ?.

    Many thanks.


    Fallout 4 VR unfortunately requires motion controllers. It’s a bummer because I would like to play that title also, but don’t have motion controllers. Every six months or so I check to see if there has been a change, or if someone has released a mod to enable controller support, but as far as I can tell that’s never happened.

    You can run the regular version of Fallout 4 though vorpX however, and it’s not too bad! You’ll probably have to use Z3D mode because the G3D mode isn’t quite right yet (issues with light sources etc,) but in the end it’s not too bad in Z3D mode, especially if you will be happy with virtual theater mode rather than full VR mode.

    BTW, Skyrim VR will work with an XBox controller, so you could try that game instead. I like the Fallout series much better, but Skyrim is OK (lots of fetch quests and boring characters. Get ready to mod the heck out of it if you want a truly interesting game.)


    Many thanks for your reply. It’s indeed a shame that console controllers aren’t supported.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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