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    I’ve had Vorpx for a few years and would love to be able to play a full game with it. A handful of times I’ve tried various games in full VR mode (Cyberpunk 2077, Witcher 3, KCD, Vampyr, Oblivion), it’s pretty cool to be able to be in those worlds in VR. However, I can’t ever seem to last more than a few minutes before I get extremely queasy. I have a 3080ti and the performance appears acceptable.

    I have fairly solid VR legs and I play SkyrimVR/fo4VR and other VR games regularly. Are these games not meant to be played in full VR and more in theatre mode? I get sick even if I am not moving very much in the scene. Any suggestions welcome.


    reduce the strength of the 3D, and gradually increase over one or two weeks, start in FullVR with 3D Off and play 4-5 hours for example.

    increase the value of the FOV of the games to the maximum with tools like Flawless Widescreen and the hacks of Fearless Revolution.


    I’ld suggest first to play 3rd person games. This will make you to get used to VR easier. At least thats the way i went.


    This may sound overboard, but its not like its a harmful medication, try playing a few times a week with some Dopamine, same medication you take when you get on a boat, because your inner ear doesnt work well with a bobbing around.

    I started playing with a DK2 and had very mild motion sickness at first, used dopamine for a few sessions and dont get VR sickness whatsoever at this point.

    Hell, played Doom Eternal in 3d (no 6dof) and didnt have a problem playing whatsoever. Your mind can get used to it, but, some people will criticize it for being too much to just play a video game; but try dopamine for a few weeks and just play a little bit through the weeks to get your body and mind on the same page when it comes to VR.

    Worked for me, might work for you. Good luck getting over it whatever you decide to do, I would be super frustrated if I got motion sick from playing.


    You can consume ginger (ginger is scientifically proven to be more effective than seas sickness pills for any forms of motion sickness) and play with no head tracking and in immersive screen for a while, get used and then try full vr and make sure FOV is set correct when playing full vr. Additionally choose games that can run at stable high fps at high resolution first like mirrors edge for example.


    In my opinion and after my experience, motion sickness can easily be overcome with just getting used to it.

    I was easily getting sick pretty bad, moving through VR without teleporting was good as impossible for me without getting sick to the point of having cold sweat on my face.

    I exactly remember how i couldn´t play DOOM VR any other way but teleporting. So when i tried the regular fluid walking-way more often, i noticed how easier it got and how i was able to play the game that way even longer, to the point where i was actually able to play it one hour straight the “regular” way rather than teleporting and so i was also able to play other games without getting sick so fast or not getting sick at all.

    I also understand that it can be very troublesome for new vr-users while making them quit it too soon, since that sickness can be really bad (as it happened to me before i got used to it).

    So people must be aware that just getting used to it is all what it takes to overcome it.

    Most important thing is to realize as to when first signs of “slight” motion sickness are showing and instantly stop playing, otherwise it gets real bad with every other second you´re staying there and also stays that way for about 10 minutes (or even longer) even when you took off the goggles.


    Are these games not meant to be played in full VR and more in theatre mode? I get sick even if I am not moving very much in the scene.

    The human mind is not meant to experience something like vr to begin with but that ain´t a problem since it can adapt to it, so even if those games “aren´t made to be played in full-vr” doesn´t mean your brain/mind can´t adapt to it, if that would be the case then it also wouldn´t be able to adapt to regular vr-games. In your/this case it just needs longer then.

    Any suggestions welcome.

    Keep playing and make the right pauses as soon you get that sick-feeling, give your brain/mind the time it needs to adapt to it.


    VR sickness is essentially motions sickness and that thing has been with us for ages. It brain hitting red button because it cant understand what is going on. You have senses reporting conflicting information: on a ship you can feel rocking but you see stationary environment around you, in car its same – you feel movement and whole world scrolling outside while you sit in a small room, in vr its eyes seeing all kinds of movement and body trying to compensate for acceleration etc, that you are used to from driving cars and skating and whatnot but acceleration never comes, in fact you feel like you are standing still at a spot with no other senses registering said movement so brain doesnt know whats going on, how to react and makes you sick just in case you are poisoned or whatever is going on better go puke and lie down for a while.

    Good news is human brain is adaptable, so if you can train your brain that these feelings of standing still yet moving are fine it wont panic anymore and go into puke-sick state. Ginger works too at subduing brain mechanisms it uses to make you sick and you can read about ways a bit here

    Just play short sessions and enjoy ginger products if you want to be better of not being motion sick.

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