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    This is about the very often experienced crashes with Starforce Protection drivers together with vorpX. (Mainly with older games) This is not about circumventing copy protection !

    Starforce: If you experience a crash right after or while the disk is beeing checked do the following:
    – Rightclick on the VorpX taskbar icon
    – select “Pause Watcher”
    – Start Game
    – While game is starting watch the protection driver window saying something like “checking disk”
    – WAIT a few seconds until the progress bar reaches the middle or the right third of the window
    – Rightclick again on the VorpX icon
    – click “RESUME WATCHER”
    If your timing was good, VorpX will hook right after what causes the crash and the game will run.
    If not repeat the steps above

    Note: This has nothing to do with fooling the copy protection drivers, with the procedure above you just enable VorpX a little latter then usual which obviously can make some games work again.

    Other Protection Drivers will be tested some times later.

    You can also read here about this

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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