How to get SoundSpectrum’s Aeon 3D Music Visualizer to successfully hook?

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    Hello Ralf,

    I am at my wit’s end. I have tried everything but still can not get SoundSpectrum’s Aeon 3D Music Visualizer to successfully hook to my VorpX v21.3.01.0 with my Quest 2 via Airlink and give me ANY true 3D Stereo Geometry Effects in VR. The screen always looks flat whether in True 3D Mode, Immersive mode, or Cinema Mode. It also does not matter What 3D Reconstruction Mode I choose (Geometry, Z-Adaptive, Z-Normal, or Off) They all look flat. Everything seems to work Aeon and VorpX except the 3D Stereo Effect.

    Aeon is a truly great VJ Music Visualizer Software and would be truly mind-blowing in 3d Stereo VR with VorpX if I could get it to work.

    It is disappointing in that Baktus and others from the VorpX Forum seem to imply that it works:

    From Baktus Dec 12, 2018 –

    Soundspectrum Aeon has 3 d grafic engine and works with ue3 profile. Max Fov and 3d deep and enjoy your music with Aeon vr!
    Good: awesome, blown away hear my music this waybad: need Platinium version for 30 bucks, and g3d grafics could be still a bit deeper

    I did all of that but still no luck for me, All flat. I hope they are not mistaken.

    Ralf, please if you could confirm that Aeon can indeed fully work with your wonderful VorpX and let me know what I am missing I would be forever in your debt. It has been a dream of mine to get Soundblaster’s Aeon fully working in VR. Maybe you can do your magic and we end up with a new Profile.

    Here is something from an About just in case it is helpful:

    SoundSpectrum maintains a Python-based 3D drawing API for both public and internal use. The purpose of this API is to offer rich content authoring capabilities by exposing SoundSpectrum’s high-performance C++ based graphics engine to an embedded python interpreter. SoundSpectrum develops and maintains each of these layers and currently targets OpenGL, OpenGLES1, OpenGLES2, and Direct3D on Windows, OS X, and iOS.

    If this helps there is a trial version available here that could maybe used for testing:

    Ralf, if it only works with the paid version, which Baktus seems to imply, I would gladly cover the $30 cost.

    Here is hoping you can help me fix this.

    Thanks in advance!

    Rik Henderson (Rikster618)
    My Direct Phone 1-818-620-2879

    My SoundSpectrum Log.txt:
    GetSystemInfo(), 15-OCT-2021, 13:02:49 (UTC-7):
    Aeon 4.1.1 (8309), STANDALONE
    OS:Win62x64 CP0:Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-9900K CPU @ 3.60GHz Video0:NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Video1:NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Video2:NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Video3:NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti HT_Supported:0 NumVirtualCores:16 NumEffectiveCores:16
    CPU performance class: 3
    GPU performance class: 2
    DeviceType: 0x1
    Caps: 0x20000
    Caps2: 0xE0020000
    Caps3: 0x3A0
    CursorCaps: 0x1
    DevCaps: 0x1BBEF0
    DevCaps2: 0x51
    RasterCaps: 0x7732191
    ZCmpCaps: 0xFF
    AlphaCmpCaps: 0xFF
    ShadeCaps: 0x84208
    SrcBlendCaps: 0x3FFF
    DestBlendCaps: 0x3FFF
    LineCaps: 0x1F
    StencilCaps: 0x1FF
    TextureCaps: 0x1ECC5
    PresentationIntervals: 0x8000000F
    TextureFilterCaps: 0x3030700
    TextureOpCaps: 0x3FEFFFF
    VertexProcessingCaps: 0x17B
    PixelShaderVersion: 0xFFFF0300
    VertexShaderVersion: 0xFFFE0300
    PrimitiveMiscCaps: 0x2FCEF2
    PrimitiveMiscCaps: 0x2FCEF2
    MaxVolumeExtent: 2048
    MaxTexBlendStages: 8
    MaxSimultTextures: 8
    MaxStreams: 16
    MaxStreamStride: 255
    MaxPrimitiveCount: 16777215
    MaxVertexIndex: 16777215
    AvailableTextureMem: 3916M

    SSRendererFlags: 0x1F00B84
    Max tex size: 16384 x 16384 x 2048
    Max tex units: 8
    0: Class 5, ‘Sound Generator (Fluid)’
    1: Class 5, ‘Sound Generator (High Energy)’
    2: Class 5, ‘Sound Generator (Chill)’
    3: Class 0, ‘”What U Hear” (Sound Blaster Audigy 5/Rx)’
    4: Class 2, ‘Microphone (Sound Blaster Audigy 5/Rx)’
    5: Class 2, ‘Headset Microphone (Oculus Virtual Audio Device)’
    6: Class 2, ‘MIDI (Virtual Desktop Audio)’
    7: Class 1, ‘Line-In (Sound Blaster Audigy 5/Rx)’
    8: Class 1, ‘Stereo Out (SoundSpectrum Audio Cable)’
    9: Class 0, ‘Stereo Mix (Realtek High Definition Audio)’
    10: Class 2, ‘Microphone (HD Web Camera)’

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