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    Saw some discussion about motion sickness and thought I could add some tips and guidance.

    If your feeling immediate discomfort definitely start out by zooming out your FOV or using image zoom and backing it out until you feel less boxed in and uncomfortable. Zooming out with image zoom in vorpX menu will help a lot with this initial phase. After some time, if you harden properly you can tighten it up and feel right at home.

    Now the hardening is the tough part. I wouldn’t suggest going and purposely making yourself get sick, but getting sick-ish is actually a good start, sometimes… The trick is to get to the place where you feel the brain melt coming on, then push on a little longer before you quit out. The first few times you may get full brain melt: sweating, weird and confusing senses, nausea the whole deal. You’ll close your eyes and feel like your on a marry go round. This discomfort will or can last a while, maybe a few hours or more.

    Do this 1 or 2 times a day if you can and have the freedom to do so. Each time try to stomach what your brain is telling you and push on a little longer. After a few really good brain melts it will start to subside. You’ll notice that its taking longer to get sick, its taking longer to hit FULL MELT.

    Keep at it with this strategy and you should start to see improvement in what you can take. Play until you get that feeling like your brain is a dried out sponge, then go a bit beyond that. After a little bit you’ll have an iron gut.

    Tips for avoiding motion sickness:
    Disable head bob and motion blur if thees an option.
    If you want to turn the character left or right, look in the direction you want to turn, then simultaneously turn the character. This will sort of fake you out and not make you so sick. Sort of turn your head the direction you want to turn the character then when your necks ant its limit turn the character.

    You can “unwind” your brain. Say you just went up a spiral staircase and now your dizzy. You can walk backward in game and turn the opposite direction a few times, kind of do a little reverse spinny move, and it will unwind your brain. Try it out, it works.

    Feel free to add any other tips if you have them, I will when I think of them. Or if you have any questions on how to become a hardened iron gut VR mega god.


    I naturally seem to have an iron stomach since the only time I felt major nausea was when I played The Art of Fight (my first artificial locomotion game) for 5 hours after owning the Vive for a week 10 months ago.

    Occasionally VR games give me a dizzy feeling where I feel like I am moving when I am not, but I love that feeling and it makes the world seem more real to me.

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