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    I play everquest with TimelordQ profile everything is great(thanks TimelordQ) but the world around me keep poping on and off like floor, wall,roof, piece of structure. Is there a way to increase the draw distance that geometry load? or maybe its something else?



    Does everything disappear or only objects on side of vision?

    Often that happens when people use fov increase vorpx offers from another profile so you see more of a game but the game isnt aware you are and doesnt render objects outseide vanilla fov.

    In any case there is nothing that can be dont either use g3d with issues or try z3d


    not all, only few thing disappear object,part of wall/roof/floor and thing like that.
    hooo ok maybe the fov in vorpx menu ig,( or g3d or z2d) i look into it thk you ;)


    One thing i would check first is “3D FOV Enhancement” in the vorpX menu. You find this sessting in the Full VR Tab. Slide that down to 0. Also make sure Camera height (same Tab) is set to 0.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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