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    I am having hooking problems with version 24.1.0 and would like to rollback to the previous version, but I don’t have the previous installer due to an hdd failure. Can I get a link or something?

    By hooking problems I mean the failure rate is at least 50%. I won’t even mention that starting vorpx kills my Oculus link about 90% of the time, forcing me to either reconnect it or just do something else.


    Extremely unlikely that 24.1 is responsible for your hooking issues. The general hooking mechanism hasn’t changed at all. Check what else might have changed on your system. There almost certainly is something else going on.

    Oculus Link restarts itself when the Windows display config changes, which happens occasionally due to the new virtual vorpX monitor. Not a bug on vorpX’s end, just some weird behavior of the Oculus app. Easily avoidable by starting vorpX before the Oculus app, not really an issue at all.

    That said, you can roll back with the procedure mentioned in the 24.1.0 release post on the front page. (1. Uninstall vorpX, 2. Reinstall with the regular installer). If you didn’t keep your original web installer, check the support FAQ for how to get a new one.


    Thanks Ralf. If the hooking hasn’t been altered, it’s got to be a problem on my end, so sorry to have bothered you with it.


    numerous users have problems with the latest version. especially the problem that once vorpx is launched it closes itself. It really makes me angry that I can’t use the latest version of Vorpx with gestures. and it’s not a problem with my PC or its configuration because it also happens to me with the newly formatted PC. I don’t understand why you can’t release a version of Vorpx with gestures but without the virtual display, which is what creates all these problems and is of no use to me since I play on a 4K TV.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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