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    Hi Ralf,

    I am still enjoying using your beta version of VorpX. One fairly annoying problem I have just hit, after changing settings within VorpX ie whilst in Grid, and then choosing “Save&Ok” button, the settings are indeed saved… but are then also applied to all other games.

    Is it not currently possible to save settings specific for each game? If not, I presume this will be coming in a future update, as obviously, all games require different settings.


    The vast majority of settings is saved per game, only very few mostly on the display and the input page are global. Which are the global ones that you would like to have per game?

    There was a decision process involved regarding which settings are global and which are not, but nothing is set in stone, of course. If you have a good reason why a specific setting should rather be per game, I might re-evaluate that decision. :)


    Hi Ralf,

    Head tracking seems to be global but would be better per game. I use head tracking in Bioshock Infinte, but for Grid, Diry 2/3 I disable it enrirely as open track is the better option.

    Also, the FOV correction (smart, simple, letterbox, etc). Similar reasons. In grid, there is an in game aspect ratio option which I set to 5:4, and then set FOV correction to simple. This works perfectly.

    In Bioshock Infinte there is no in game aspect ratio option, so I just set the resolution to 1080p and then set the FOV correction to letterbox. I lose a bit of vertical image but it makes the stretching go away.

    I would appreciate if these things were saved individually per game.

    Thanks Ralf.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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