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    How do I get vorpx to attach to a game not on its list?



    first you search for what engine the game uses.
    then you search a game on vorpx game list who uses the same engine.
    then you create a copy of this game and you attach the exe file of the game you want to play.

    if you’re lucky, G3D or Z3D or both work, if you’re unlucky you can try another game vorpx profile.

    when the game hook and you’re ingame, you have to set a few things but it’s more a mater of tastes than something else, like 3D strength, headtracking strength, and more to tweak.

    you must also tweak game settings to have decent performance and most of the time you have to reduce post effects fx else it can cause graphic glitches but not always the case.

    you must also try to tweak fov specially for first person games, you can use for unreal engine 4, unreal engine unlocker tool which is great, but it doesnt supportall ue4 games.

    or you can try to tweak fov via game ini file.

    with experience you’ll learn how to make quickly working profile.

    for more experienced users you can even tweak shaders with advanced vorpx shader tool, but i’m too noob for this.

    hope that helps. if you have more questions go ahead.


    Just to note there are two lists: the official list which is automatically loaded into your local profiles, and the cloud profiles where you have to explicitly search and import.
    If you can’t find a game in either list then you can follow @steph12 ‘s guide.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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