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    does anyone got an idea how to setup ARMA3 to work with the dk2
    im searching for hours and hours and got no luck
    i have seen some youtube vid. with arma3 and the dk2 so i need help to get it working
    btw i got vorpx
    help me pls



    i got it running once but its not pretty good usable at the moment. For Headtracking i use my TrackIR5.

    I got it enabled by resetting the vorpx arma3 settings to factory default and then start it. In the main menu there is no Stereo mode active but vorpx says its enabled. When i disable and directly re-enable head tracking the Stereo mode starts and its in 3D (with Z-Buffer). Sadly the Edge Peek is not working so you need to know where the buttons are but in general its working so far. Sadly after restarting arma3 the screen remains black (in stereo mode). To get it working again i have to reset the vorpx arma3 profile to factory default and do the first steps again to gain Stereo 3D.

    So if EdgePeek would work and the workaround by resetting the settings is not required anymore its pretty good usable and delivers a great 3D experience.


    yesterday i got it running so far with vorpx
    but it wasn’t really 3d so i ignored it and tried to set up the fov to 90 – 110
    So far so good..
    than i tried to get independent headtracking with opentrack for dk2
    it works really fine, but the fov is way to close to the weapon…
    even when i set the fov to 180 and i dont know how to change that…
    can someone help?

    ah btw when i disable opentrack the fov changing works just fine


    I find that opentrack can often crash Vorpx when trying edge peak.
    This happens often in Dirt 3.

    I try to zoom out instead but the menus are located deep on the edges and corners of the display :(

    Arma 3 is still something I really want to get working.

    I’ve tried COD, Borderlands. All end up being “Gunface” experiences.


    So Opentrack and VorpX don’t like each other ^^
    For your arma experience: – 3d still doesn’t work with arma
    – get opentrack working on arma
    – go to ur arma setups and set the fov to 180
    – get ur ingame menus closer to the middle that u
    are able to see all of them
    – ignore it that ur hands look like the ones from

    Playing with independent headtracking in arma is fun…. still in 2D
    for now this is the only way to play arma via Oculus Rift

    if u find another one…. pls let me know :)


    This sounds like a config mess so far. If I ever will purchase VorpX it will be because of Arma3. As soon as there seems to be a simple setup process I’ll be back :0)


    I found out how to use Arma3 with the DK2 temporarily … :)

    – DISABLE VorpX (pause watcher or close the software)
    – Run OpenTrack
    – Set Arma3 to 948×1080 Pixels
    – Make Rift Primary Monitor
    – Restart Arma3

    … and you’re able to play Arma 3
    – without EXTREME ZOOM from VorpX
    – with a working mouse cursor (VorpX seems to fuck up mouse controls in 2/5 games I’ve tried)
    – without messed up HUD/GUI
    obviously you won’t have the 3D effect in the game then, it’ll be 2D … but with VorpX that doesn’t currently work either anyway, so we might just as well play the game without the bugs VorpX currently causes in Arma3

    Hope it helps anyone :)
    @ Ralf: Faster, Harder, Ralfer! *cracks whip*


    BentoFox can u try this out and tell me if it’s the same result:
    – change detectedAdapterId=0 to detectedAdapterId=1; in the congif game folder
    – change the Fov in the Profil Config to

    (with this settings u got the max fov of 180)
    – start vorpX (version
    – start opentrack for dk 2 (btw got someone the link for the newest versions)
    – in Opentrack menu set the Main Tracker to RIFT and the Game Protocol to FREETRACK 2.0
    – then start it with the button below
    – set the rift as ur primary monitor
    – start arma3 via steam (for me its different starting it up via steam or desktop shortcut) btw its really hard to find all the buttons when u got the cosseye effect but its possible
    – now arma3 launches with vorpX and opentrack for independent headtracking
    – change the resolution to 1920×1080 (u can change it permanently in the profil config)
    – do some other changes in the vorpX ingame menu

    this is the way how i play arma3 with vorpX and opentrack… it’s 2D…
    i dont know why, but the hands and the gun don’t look that big today so i’m asking if anyone can try this out…
    hope this helped :)


    Heya, I’ll try it later and let you know~
    But whether 2D/3D and with FOV change wasn’t really my concern with VorpX – the main problems are that:
    1st. VorpX fucks up the main menu big time
    2nd. VorpX fucks up the mouse cursor (meaning you have to use TAB and arrow keys to navigate the Arma3 menu)
    3rd. VorpX zooms in quite a bit (quite a huge bit – in every game)

    But like I said, I’ll try it with your exact settings later and report back :)


    Alright, I tried it out.
    The menu and everything is alright – as it seems this is because of the “detectedAdapterID = 1”. Thanks for that :)

    Mouse cursor still doesn’t work though (because VorpX gets it wrong :p) so I had to navigate with Tab again.
    Arms seem extremely long now, not super near, which is because of the FOV settings though.

    What I don’t get tho is… why use VorpX at this point for this game?
    The only advantage this gives in Arma 3 now is fixing the ChromaticAbberation.
    Edgepeek is useless because you have to disable VorpX’ headtracking (because it always emulates the mouse, too, with no setting to disable that behaviour).

    The “one image” fix seems to be final now tho – that can be achieved via “detectedAdapterSetting = 1” :) great


    Thank u BentoFox :)

    so for me the mouse cursor works just fine in the menu and i need to start vorpX because of the “crosseye effect” i get
    the left image is too far to the right and the right too far on the left…
    dont know how to fix that so i got VorpX doing that for me ^^

    aber wenn du mir sonst noch weiter helfen kannst (oder auch umgekehrt) add mich auf steam
    nexus160 :)

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