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    Hi everyone I am playing arma3 and using a Xbox controller which works to control the character in game but when I use Vorpx the sensitivity is way to high so moving the stick a little makes me move way to fast
    If I try and turn down the sensitivity in the game itself that does nothing
    How can I lower the game sensitivity through vorpx



    Hi Heoun,
    If you want to use JUST your controller make sure you have “Override X-Box Gamepad” switched to off, … However;
    If you are using the vorpx controller emulation (or “Override X-Box Gamepad”) on “FULL” or “PARTIAL” then you should be able to reduce the sensitivity down in the “change controller sensitivity” section.
    Knock the X and Y down to 0.01 (even 0.00 in some cases) on the stick (left or right) that that is causing issues.

    I have had the same issue in a few games that wont let me use native controller and this resolves the issue.
    Also worth noting that you “may” need to switch the Walk/Run invert (or something like that) at the top of the “Change Gamepad Mapping” section (this way your character shouldn’t sprint off into the distance when you full lock the stick to move).

    Might take a bit of poking to get it just right, but worth it in the end ;)

    Hope that helps.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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