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    how to unlock xbox gamepad right stick, up & down view ?


    There is a setting on the input page of the vorpX menu that let‘s you adjust the right stick y-sensitivity.


    I think he means he cant use gamepad to move camera up/down because profile has vertical locks only working with headtracking.

    There is an option to enable vertical mouse look or something like that in second or third tab in options if you press del in game, not sure if it applies to gamepad too.


    Thanks, forgot to mention that. There are actually two options affecting this depending on how head tacking is handled in the profile.

    1. If a game supports DirectVR head tracking, there is the according option on the DirectVR page of the menu. That’s the one I forgot in my answer above.

    2. For ‘regular’ profiles without DirectVR head tracking there is the ‘Y-Stick Sensitivity’ option I mentioned above on the Input page.


    But is it possible to turn it on and use gamepad keys? Mine refuses to work with both settings.


    Please stop spamming the forum with the same question over and over again. You don’t get better answers by posting the same thing half a dozen times. I have deleted your other posts.

    Both options mentioned in my reply above unock the Y-axis, depending on whether the game has DirectVR headtracking or not. If you still have an issue with your Y-axis after applying the hint(s) above, your issue is not caused by vorpX.

    On a sidenote: Looking up and down with your head only is typically what you want, so think twice before you disable this feature when it is available. All native VR games work that way. Keeps the horizon in VR in sync with the real world horizon.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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