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    I have been using Vorpx a lot lately after getting my Oculus Rift, Absolutely Awesome playing Skyrim on it. However, I got to wanting to try other games and noticed Cloud Profiles as a tab, and learned I could download more. I might be stupid, but are these profiles used somehow like the game settings optimizer? Or do these profiles just add support? I am confused on the function of these. Can someone explain?


    Local profiles are automatically active, so you don’t have to do anything to use them. Whenever you start a game that has a profile in the local database, that profile is used automatically.

    Cloud profiles have to be imported into the local database once and afterwards (like local profiles) are active automatically. There are three types of profiles that you can find in the cloud:

    1. Official profiles (author [vorpX]) usually are the same ones that you already have in your local profiles database. Sometimes an official cloud profile may be an updated version.
    2. User profiles that add 3d support to games that don’t have 3d support per default.
    3. User settings that contain customized vorpX settings for official profiles.

    The Game Settings Optimizer is an entirely different thing, at this point there are no cloud profiles for it.


    i dont understand how.
    Example i try to import Geaver Resident evil 7 setting:
    click on import profile then on owriting yes
    but i dont find the profile in my local collection
    How work?

    im new i want try to play resident evil with oculus:
    i understand that can create a game shortcut with vorpx but how can use the
    setting in cloud. I think this set is good to play
    Excuse my engllish


    You don’t need any cloud profile for Resident Evil 7, vorpX already comes with a profile for the game. You just need to start the game.


    Thank very. I need some written suggesrions to configure game, i dont understand video spelling, my english not very well


    All you need to do is setting the game’s resolution to 1280×960 like suggested by the message that pops up when you start Resident Evil 7. Everything else is automatically adjusted by vorpX in this case.


    Thank Ralf
    i must also for all games type del on keyboard for ingame setting and try “Direct VR scan”?


    and also this?:
    “You can get most games look almost perfect in this regard. And even for those that do not offer FOV control, neither directly, nor through vorpX, there are functions in vorpX to make them playable, although not in a perfect way.

    From best to worst here is what you can do:

    1. Set the game FOV directly in the game if it provides to dial in an FOV of 120°,
    2. Set the game FOV directly with the vorpX Game Optimizer (vorpX config app) for games that support it.
    3. Set the game FOV to 120 manually through an ini tweak or external tool (avaliable for many games, google FOV + game name).
    4. Use the 3D FOV Enhancement in the vorpX ingame menu (availabe in Geometry 3D games).
    5. Use one of the letterbox aspect ratio modes in the vorpX ingame menu and/or ImageZoom
    6. Play the game in Virtual Cinema Mode
    7. Use the 2D FOV-Enhancement in the vopX ingame menu (be aware that this distorts the image)”


    That are general instructions that you should keep in mind if things aren’t done automatically for a game.

    For Resident Evil 7 vorpX adjusts all settings. All you need to do is setting the resolution to 1280×960 like the message says when you start the game.


    ok game start but so the image quality is a disaster

    other canche suggested?

    for example fov il blocked from devopler to 90

    for example in other game: wy if i try in optmize setting to increase fov in outlast to 120 it remain a suggested 110 ?

    for me vorpx remain a mistery

    yes my pc have: i7 7770, gtx 1080, 16 giga ram, ssd: wich resolution you seggest?

    I must set resolution from ingmame menu?
    excuse me but from a side im italian and is hard to me understand well techincal question, from other side i not have the necessary experience with vorpx


    The default settings that vorpX provides for the game are dialed in to provide the correct FOV. DO NOT change any settings like Image Zoom or related settings.

    Regarding image quality: did you read the message that pops up every time you the game starts? The game has an image scaling multiplier in its options that you can set to a higher value than the 1.3 vorpX automatically sets it to if your PC is fast enough to handle that.


    I would like to use a cloud profile rather than the official vorpx gta 5 but the vorpx take precedence over the cloud ones.So I can’t attach a cloud one to get 5 because vorpx profile already is attached.Can I deactivate the vorpx official local profile ? Jesusavesouls !

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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