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    I’ve been doing much reading but have not come across a comprehensive step by step guide how to get sub DX9 games to run with VorpX and dgVoodoo2.

    Its confusing as heck.

    Is there a comprehensive, exacting Dummies guide somewhere?

    Btw, I’m trying to use it on Ghost Recon 2001 version.

    I’ve got it so VorpX says is trying to hook but never truly does or VorpX gives me a warning saying remove d3d9.dll

    Thanks for any help.


    This is the main prodedure:

    Open games.exe in a hex editor, find:

    Replace it with:

    then rename dgVoodoo2’s d3d9.dll to v3d9.dll and put it in C:\Windows\SysWOW64.

    Some games require additional files, if the above doesnt work, search the game driectory for other files containing d3d9.dll, replace their content like above.Note:Some games wont still not work this way, Avatar for example.

    BTW Ghost Recon should be DX8, only D3d8.dll that you need to put in the games folder where the games exe is located and use the vorpx DGVoodoo2 base profile.If that doesnt work, try other DGVoodoo2 profiles.


    Got it to work. Seems using DX8 was the key. I thought it was DX9 and kept trying to use the DX9 dll files hence also getting the popup warning message from VorpX.

    You’re right, Ghost Recon 2001 is DX8. I put the D3D8.dll, dgVoodoo.conf and dgVoodooCpl.exe inside the games folder where the game’s exe is located, ran dgVoodooCpl to set the .conf file and used the VorpX Ghost Recon(2001) cloud profile. Starting the game from works fine.

    Works well, thank you.


    Any way to make VorpX work with Dgvoodoo 2.7 ?
    Can’t get it to work in nether Dx11 nor dx12!


    I managed to get VorpX to attach using dgvoodoo2 and can use the del menu with fullVR but the slider for G3D doesn’t work. Did anyone manage to get 3D working with dgvoodoo2 in ghost recon 2001?


    I’ve tried with dark forces 2, no results


    I forgot the most important part, importing the profile from the cloud if there is one. I imported Ghost recon 2001 that states G3D works with it and the game now works in G3D with DGVOODOO2.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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