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    So I wanted to play skyrim in VR with my vive. I got it set up and stuff. I plugged in my xbox 360 controller and it is working, however I cannot do many things in the VR with it. For example in skyrim, I cannot open the character menu, I cannot run, R trigger keeps pulling the screen into 3rd person, as well as many other things.

    As a side note, when in game, how do I change the FOV? I cannot see certain parts of the menu.


    Skyrim (and other games) only allow either mouse or gamepad input normally. Since vorpX needs mouse input for head tracking, native gamepad handling is overriden for these games. vorpX has a built in gamepad emulation for these games (a bare bones version of tools like Xpadder or Pinnacle Profiler), which you can freely configure in the vorpX ingame menu. To do that go to the “Gamepad” page of the ingame menu and press the “Button Mappings” button.

    For Skyrim and various other games there will be a new solution for this issue soon. With the next vorpX version you will be able to use your gamepad natively in Skyrim.


    Do you know when this update will be out by chance?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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