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    I am now developing a new type joystick for vr.I want to universally adapt to all kind of fps game.So I want to know,how vorpx achieve it?Do vorpx negotiate with these games’ studio,and so they give you interface and then vorpx can access to them legally?Or vorpx use any legal method ,without negotiate with them?I am eager to know.


    This is a hobby for me as a nerd,so I lack lots of knowledge.I just want to use this project to learn some IT knowledge

    At the very begining,I just use ardinuo to control gameobject in unity IDE
    It works in unity environemnt,but I do not know how to run my ware in the packed game
    This is arduino introduction,it is an open-source hardware


    vorpx company secret !

    other like reshade do that by hooking via a *.dll file in the game folder, because windows loads all *.dll files in the game folder by default.


    For control inputs like joystick movement I believe vorpx just emulates an xbox controller (or keyboard and mouse, depending on the mode you set), and this works with most games since almost everything has xbox controller support. Similar to x360ce being used to turn inputs from any generic USB controller into xbox 360 inputs. In fact, x360ce might be exactly what you need; It would allow you to bind the button and axis inputs from your custom hardware to xbox 360 equivalents.

    Be aware that multiplayer games with anti-cheat software may see controller emulation as a cheat.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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