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    Which engine Is used?


    Hogwarts Legacy is Unreal Engine 4 dx12.

    Cloning the Grounded profile seems to work great for Z3D, and as far as I have tested, works with all the AA, dlss, FSR types. I’ve put some profile settings on the cloud you can try.

    Raising the FOV all the way to +20 in the game seems enough for vorpX immersive screen mode (~90 degrees) which is likely the way most will prefer to play this game.

    But if like me you want to try playing on a bigger screen, or in FullVR view – there are a couple of ways to increase the fov to 120 or more:

    A) the simplest way: open GameUserSettings.ini found in C:\Users\*UserName*\AppData\Local\Hogwarts Legacy\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor…

    about 15 lines down you can edit the fov extension. I’ve found a value of +48 to equal 120 degrees fov. So mine looks like this:


    My only problem with this method is that for some reason the character model is pushed closer and to the side of the camera, so you won’t have as comfortable view of your character in front of you. It is nice for exploring though, and adds more of a first person view feeling to it.

    B) More effort, but my preferred method: Use the UUU (Unreal Engine 4 Unlocker) tool to manually set “fov 120” in the unlocked command console. You must inject this dll tool each time you launch the game, and need to renter the fov command after any time you fast travel.

    This method will also force cutscenes to be in 120, which is sometimes good, but sometimes reveals parts of the scene developers did not intend you to see. I like that I do not need to switch between EdgePeek for every conversation.

    Another good reason to for this method is that you have more control of your characters near/far position to the camera. Now you can adjust the in game fov slider to anywhere between -20 to +20 to your desired character distance while still maintaining the forced 120 fov.

    I haven’t played super far into the game to know if any mechanics are broken by forcing higher fov, but I don’t think it will be a problem.

    Hopefully the developers can get the performance issues sorted soon, I would like to be able to explore Hogwarts in 4K+ with higher settings :)


    Hello i played all games before from steam, using VORPX was fine , until yesterday in Hogward Legacy keep crashing after first title screen =(( I have a oculus quest 2 link, and tried use as steam still crashing, any idea how to fix it please?


    Unfortunately this also crashes Hogwarts at launch for me. Will try with the beta version of vorpX soon.


    Ralf: Is there any way you can set a longer edit window? Would really cut-down on double-posts.

    Both currently available cloud profiles cause Hogwarts Legacy to crash for me, in both the release and Beta revisions of vorpX. Rats.


    Just realized there are 2 Hogwarts threads, I’ll try to stick to this original one:

    I figured out what’s going on with it not working for me (and hopefully some others). The “Shader building process” Hogwarts has to do every single time is causing an issue in the vorpX process, tricking vorpX into thinking it has not hooked.

    1) Be sure Steam VR is NOT running before launching – Steam VR will then launch as usual once vorpX is running and you launch Hogwarts. This seems to work.

    2) Wait out the part where everything looks locked-up.

    3) Allow vorpX to install the Hook Helper when it asks.

    4) Relaunch and play game, again waiting out the “crashed” period while Hogwarts builds shaders.

    It should now be running in vorpX. vorpX will believe it has not hooked every time, just hit the “do nothing” option.

    Performance is excellent. I’m getting 45/90 on 4090 at 4K DLSS Off with RT on High and everything else maxed. It drops quite a bit only during dialog, but that’s not causing any other issues so far.


    There’s a camera mod on nexus:
    With this you can move the camera with the numpad. Works great with vorpx

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