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    This has helped allot making some good headway

    A couple things working on figuring out.

    1) The actual screen is still pretty small even with .65 or zoom maxed. allot of grey borders.

    2) working on getting the head to fully turn when turn 90 degree, turned head tracking sensitivity to 1.0

    Geometry mode and Full VR mode set?


    Hi Last question on this thread sorry..

    Should I change the resolution for Vive Pro ? or use same as you suggested above?



    I can’t really give any more useful answer than the one I gave you several times above already, sorry. There is no single X*Y pixels answer to your question since the right answer for you depends on your personal preferences in regard to performance vs. resolution.

    Rules of thumb you should keep in mind are: 1. Resolution as high as possible while still keeping the framerate high enough to be comfortable for you. 2. Square/4:3 aspect ratio if you (or vorpX automatically) can set the FOV high enough to fill the entire screen, 16:9 if you need ImageZoom to compensate for FOV. That’s fairly easy and the best advice on could give in this regard.


    Thanks Ralf, I will just set the resolution you mentioned in game and not worry abou what headset gets used or any of it. It is actually looking allot better.


    The trick is to set a resolution of something like 2800×1000 in the user.cfg as this will give you up to 120 fov ingame. Then set ingame res top whatever you want, it will retain the high FOV and get you better results. You will still need to create this custom res in your graphics control panel first though.


    will give it try thanks, been setting the resolution in the game menu..


    Hi again,

    So I am experimenting with some unsupported games that managed to hook to VorpX being Everquest Titanium Edition (2006 directX 9) and WWII Online (some custom game engine) both I got to hook. Pretty neat stuff! The mighty VorpX!

    I think EQ let me chose what 3d Mode , but WWII does not have the 3d mode enabled in vorpX. EQ looks like cardboard cutouts but that game allways looked like that.

    So what is a good resolution to start with for such situations? 2560×1440?
    I am not sure if these games would allow such high resolutions.

    I will go with a safe resolution you recommend.

    Do you recommend using DgVooodo also?


Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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