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    I don’t have software to specifically measure, but I purchased the following two: items

    Can’t figure out why my links aren’t working, but it’s
    Field of View Mod Gasket for HP Reverb G2 through Brand: 3Dward Printing via amazon
    and VR Cover Foam Replacement Slim for Meta/Oculus™ Quest 1 (2 pcs) through the VR Cover store also on amazon

    I don’t have the software to give you an extact measurement of my fov increase, but it is significant. Took all of 60 seconds to figure out how to install.
    Not a paid statement.
    Do recommend!


    gasket comes “pre-velcroed” so you just peel it off, and stick the other one on, takes a few seconds to make sure it’s even.. and boom, good to go.. and comfortable


    In my opinion is the HP Reverb G2 with a FOV Mod the best Headset, for people with a standard or big IPD ! People who have a very small IPD will get only a average FOV with a Mod. For example the youtube Voodoo has a IPD under 60mm and prefers the Pimax Headsets because of that, although the image of the Revereb G2 is much better. I use the max IPD setting (72mm), and a very small VR Cover (6mm) and the FOV is nearly the same as it is in my Valve Index.

    I have upgraded my AMD Hardware last month and had problems with the usb cable, but HP send me a new Reverb G2 2.0 cable within 24 Hours (UPS) and all problems are gone.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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