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    Hello, I am having an issue launching any steam games and trying to use vorpX. The problem is if I launch a game with steamVR turned on it tries to enter into steam vr theater and the game doesn’t work with vorpX.
    VorpX then tells me to launch the game without steamVR enabled however when I do this vorpX will not attempt to hook to the game since if steamVR is not launched my htc vive is turned off.
    The game I attempted to play was Half-Life 2.


    You can turn off Steam Theater globaly in Steam settings but i recommend turning it off also for each game separately. Right click the game in Steam library, select properties. Uncheck “Run in Theater mode in VR” on the first tab


    vorpX launches SteamVR automatically if it’s not running when it intializes the headset. Since HL2 for whatever reason activates the SteamVR runtime if SteamVR is running on launch, the only way to play the game with SteamVR is letting vorpX launch it, which should work just fine normally.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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