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    Windows 10 64bit (up to date), Nvidia GTX 1080, 1 Monitor via DVI, and HTC Vive via HDMI. HTC works, I do play in SteamVR in some games. But VorpX won’t work like at all. I activated the app. Configured. Turned off Steam just kept SteamVR. In SteamVR I see “vorpDesktop.exe” but in glasses nothing. Everything just black. …. any ideas?


    SteamVR in Direct mode


    vorpDesktop.exe is not for games, turn it off and make sure youre launching a game that is supported by vorps. So you have to tell us what exactly do you launch.


    I have an almost identical configuration to the OP (GTX 1080, monitor in DVI port, Vive in HDMI port, etc) except that I do keep steam running and VorpX works far better than I had expected.

    OP you should click “Start VorpX” and then in your system tray make sure your watcher is enabled. Then start a supported game. Personally I suggest a Direct VR supported game like Fallout New Vegas since it’s the easiest to test and configure. Start a Direct VR scan once you enter the game level and NOT during the menu or anything like that.

    As soon as you start the game, VorpX should show you an overlay in your VR headset as well as the game itself.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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