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    Hello Friends,

    Reaching out to see if anyone has had success getting the game “Hunt: Showdown” to work with VorpX. The game is made by Crytek and runs on Cryengine V. Is there a profile or set of profiles that may work better for Cryengine V games? I could not find any user or local profiles for this game :(

    Encourage you to check out this game if you have not already, really spooky stuff that would make a great experience in VR.



    I think the only supported game that uses that engine is Prey. CryEngineV is too broad a classification though – it could mean opengl, directx 11, 12, or vulkan. Vulkan doesn’t count since vorpx doesn’t support it, but vorpx profiles have to be specific to the graphics api, not the game engine.


    It’s the EAC anti cheat that’s the problem, not the engine. Unfortunately most anti cheats block vorpX injection.

    Sad, because I’ve had interest in this game for vorpX since it launched. I’m fairly certain it would look great in G3D also. Bummer.


    I don’t recall 100% anymore, but I’m pretty sure that dellrifter is right and the game’s anticheat prevents vorpX from hooking. Bought it directly after its early access release since I thought it was a good candidate, but couldn’t make it work.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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