Hypothetical-Possible Vorpx “Premium” change 3rd person to 1st?

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    So this is kinda for the community and Ralf.

    So – Idea – may not go over well with many people or might be interested; if Ralf would be and is able to do this kind of modding considering he does so much work on the program…

    Bascically, is it possible for a Premium version of Vorpx we can pay for that Ralf would make to turn a lot of 3rd person games, into first person games? I know there is more to it than just changing the field of view and camera position… but honestly Id happily pay another 40 bucks if many third person games like Mass Effect or Sekiro or Jedi Fallen Order got first person perspectives within Vorpx.

    Just a thought, if thats in the cards, lol. but id happily pay again for this option


    You’re basically asking Ralf to make mods for every 3rd person game out there… all i can say is that vorpX is not a mod my friend, i think you’d have better luck asking for 1st person mods for the games you wanna play in a mod community, specially if you wanna be a backer


    it’s not possible, not even in our dreams, it would ask a total rework of each game, it’s not that easy, it’s not simply about how camera is placed/works.

    and let’s not start asking premium vs non premium features please.


    i want a 1st person mod for just cause 4

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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