I can`t get Vorpx to attach to any game?

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    I have used it in the past but I have tried with several games that have profiles I see players using on Youtube and it just won’t attach. Dying Light 2,Metro Exodus, ect. Any Ideas? I can’t get the logo to appear on the screen. I have shut down everything I can think of including Windows defender, my antivirus, MSI afterburner, ect. I have run it in every sequence I can think of. Hours of trial and error. I have Win 11,RTX 3080,Ryzen 9 5900.16 ram and Quest 2. Using Air link, link cable and Virtual desktop. I have used Vorpx a few years ago and know how to use it. Just won`t work. I have tried all the tips in troubleshooting section both in and out of Vorpx site and Reddit and searching in browser. Configuring Vorpx in the settings in every combo I can think of. {Set for Steam VR,oculus,ect.} I can sometimes get the game to show up in the headset in Virtual theater mode, sometimes but sometimes just blackness. I have no trouble playing any other vr games including some using vr mods {RE7, Luke Ross,ect} Any thoughts would be much appreciated… thx

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