I dont understand why immerisive theater does not work with every game?

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    If vorpx can see my desktop then why cant it see some games..such as no mans sky.


    Hello do you mean VorpX desktop viewer or immersive screen mode ? Different things you know


    It doesnt have to be. Virtual Desktop can pipe games right though, so can Steam. If Vorpx could do this, it would be my one stop application. Some games, people like to play on a virtual screen, just a regular flat, no VR, no 3d, large screen in VR goggles. It actually works really well to replicate a 100″+ TV.


    In general it’s always better if vorpX can actually hook into the game itself, that way it can do a lot more. However, in cases where that doesn’t work for some reason, you can use the vorpX desktop viewer. The only caveat here is that you have to run games windowed or borderless fullscreen when you want to use the desktop viewer. Most newer games have a borderless option in their video settings.

    Also makes sense to pause the vorpX watcher from the tray icon’s right click menu after launching the desktop viewer to ensure that vorpX doesn’t even try to hook into games you launch.


    BigscreenBeta handles certain dx12/vulkan games without a problem, on the other hand there are a shitload of games being troublesome with that app (many framerate issues and crashes), while the exact same games are perfectly running well with vorpX (be it with hooking or even on its desktop viewer).

    Now we are talking about some actually “crappy” free app, handling certain dx12/vulcan games way better than vorpX and that is something somehow not easy to grasp.

    Just today i gave “Zombie Army 4” another chance with vorpX´s desktop viewer but gave it up when it was stuttering in ways not even BigscreenBeta does, besides being forced to play in windowed mode which ain´t the case with using “crappy” BigscreenBeta.


    Using desktop capture for playing games will never be as good as actually hooking into them.

    Vulkan is not yet handled by vorpX, but you should get vorpX to hook most DX12 games (in 2D) by creating a copy of any other DX12 profile in the config app and then assigning your game’s main .exe to the profile. In contrast to DX9-11 vorpX doesn’t try to hook any DX12 game you launch (yet), but with a profile most will work – at least in 2D.

    DX12 profiles you can use as a base are e.g. Horizon Zero Dawn, Read Dead Redemption 2 or Grounded.

    IMPORTANT CAVEAT: make sure to assign the actual game .exe, not any launcher the game may use. E.g. some games may have a launcher named GameXYZ.exe, but the actual .exe may be in a subfolder, e.g. bin\gamexyz-win64-shipping.exe or something similar. In such a case you’d have to assign the latter to the profile. The easiest way to find the actual game .exe is checking the Details tab in Task-Manager while a game is running.


    Very much thank you for your answer Ralf!

    2D is still perfect to me coz i am mostly using vorpX to make use of its theater and ultra-widescreen mode without all the troubles i usually get with free apps so i will get deeper into configurating vorpX the way you described it to handle dx12!

    Also have to admit it was my stupid fault not following or searching more related threads to find out about dx12-profiles coz i still thought the whole aspect of vorpX/dx12 is still too troublesome with every game, so thanks again!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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