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    I just got Rift S, and was before playing Skyrim SE. Don’t feel like buying the SkyrimVR and messing with mods again. I’ve been looking through forum posts and can’t seem to find any “all-in-one” post that would show how to get Skyrim SE working through VorpX. I did get VorpX installed and it seems to be injecting, but the game only shows on my monitor screen with VorpX logo on the bottom and nothing in the Rift S headset.

    I use 4K monitor. RTX 2080, 32GB RAM and a good i7 8000 series CPU, SSD M.2.

    Oculus works fine. When VorpX tries to inject (all latest versions), it sometimes crashes the driver, and even Oculus interface stops showing in the Headset. I have to restart PC to resolve that. I believe before you could reset the headset in the Oculus settings, but I cant see that setting now.

    Can someone please point me to a good thread/link, that explains
    1. how to properly inject Vorpx into Skyrim SE? Seems to be obvious, but it doesn’t seem to be injecting. I know I need to disable GeForce Experience and probably switch to a single monitor. I can do that. Anything else?
    2. what custom resolution should I set on my monitor that would be good for my PC specs and provide smooth gamplay
    3. what VorpX settings are preferred for Skyrim SE, I tried one profile, but something wasn’t right.
    4. are there any VR specific mods I need to get for Skyrim SE to make the game more enjoyable through VorpX. I currently have about 200 mods, but they are not VR related.
    5. Will the Oculus touch controllers work in VorpX, or do I have to download a mod
    6. Will the force feedback work for controllers, or do I need a mod. I know there are some heptic mods for controllers, but those mods are for SkyrimVR
    7. Any other recommendations, I would greatly appreciate.

    I’ll do some more forum browsing, as much as work will allow me, but I’d definitely appreciate some guidance on the above.

    Much thanks in advance!
    Also, I am really glad that Ralf keeps pushing the envelope further. Bought VorpX in 2016, so big kudos for constantly improving the VorpX.


    I answer as much as I can:

    You shouldn’t have to do anything besides running the DirectVR scanner once you entered the game world (not in the menu).

    Use the official profile with default settings. If you already tinkered with settings, restore the profile in the config app (trouble shooting page) or do a full factory reset.

    I would recommend to set the Skyrim SE graphics details to medium for a decent performance/quality ratio.

    For custom resolutions please check the ‘Custom Resolutions’ section in the help. Ideally add all resolutions listed there (except the wide ones for Pimax headsets).

    You can restart the headset in the Oculus app: Settings > Beta. Your issues aren’t normal though, so you might also want to check for potentially interfering background programs. The trouble shooting guide in the help lists typical candidates.

    Touch controllers work either as mouse/keyboard or as gamepad, no force feedback.


    What about custom resolution, or should I just go with 4K – 3200×2400?


    Choose the highest that you consider still having decent performance. You should aim for at least half your headset’s refresh rate, for a Rift S that means 40fps minimum. You can check your frame rate with ALT+F.


    Ok, thanks again.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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