i got headacke when play farcry3 !

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    hi guys.
    I installed FarCry3 and it works good on oculus rift DK2.
    but when i turn and see objects in the game i get some headacke or something like this.
    is there any setting on game or vorpx to run game exatly VR such as “no limits” or “affected” or etc. ?
    if no way, please say that which games have this abilities?


    You most like getting nauseous. Two big reasons for that – if you have lower than GTX970 you probably have low fps, but in general side scrolling is very nausea inducing. You may also have resolution set to too high, which your PC can’t support to provide optimal fps. The only thing I can recommend, turn your head left or right while turning in game then turn your head back, or, while turning, just close your eyes for a second. This should minimize the nausea. Running forward or backward is not as bad, but when you start turning left or right in game, while your head is not turning, you make your brain go crazy. So closing the eyes, or turning your head along the camera turning, will minimize those unpleasant feelings.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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