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    I used a program called Riftcat with Windows 10 and a USB 2.0 cable from the computer to the phone in tethering mode. Riftcat basically allows hosting of Steam VR games to the phone running an android client. There is another .EXE called ReviveInjector.exe which translates Oculus Rift SDK games to Steam VR.

    All I had to do was drag VorpControl.exe onto ReviveInjector.exe and then as an example I also dragged TRU.exe (Tomb Raider Underworld) onto ReviveInjector.exe and voila! I saw VorpX TombRaider Underworld in 2560×1440 on samsung galaxy S7. Obvious advantages — a very cheap VR solution with better image quality than CV1 and Vive, still using your PC to render the VR left and Right images to produce high quality visuals. The only disadvantage is it uses the phones sensors for head tracking which isn’t buttery smooth like a real CV1 or Vive but this is very minor in my opinion given how well everything else works. I got a used s7 on ebay with cracked back glass for $240 and I’m sure there are other good deals.

    I also used the latest Dolphin VR emulator with Oculus 1.3 SDK support and was blown away by many games in VR using the Galaxy S7 and a BoboVR Z4 headset.

    You can also probably get away with using a cheaper 1920×1080 5.1″ phone display as well and still get to enjoy playing PC games in VR very affordably.

    I was considering getting a CV1 but after trying this solution I realize I am getting better image quality. Touch controllers will of course be another game changer.

    I’ve only run into one issue.

    The Tomb Raider Underworld I was using was not a Steam game so when I dragged TRU.EXE onto ReviveInjector it had no problems kicking into the Vorpx Injector and I could run the VoprX menu and everything was available to configure to my liking.

    However I tried dragging iw5sp.exe onto ReviveInjector and because it was a Steam library game and Steam VR was running a message from Steam popped up saying Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is not a Steam VR game and it will only run in desktop mode. When I clicked OK to continue it failed to inject into VorpX and resulted in a black screen with some stuttering sound. I am curious of that stupid Steam warning message is preventing the VorpX injector from working because it works fine with the non-steam Tomb Raider Underworld.

    Anyway wanted to share some good news that you can use VorpX with some success to play PC games on your smartphone in high quality (depending on your phone display) with Windows 10 and Riftcat. Riftcat also allows it’s own natively supported VR games on PC to be played across your phone VR headset. It’s a great way to enjoy VR on a budget well at least until they all start requiring motion tracking controllers. I was excited to see the Gnomes and Goblins main menu screen and then couldn’t get to do anything else because it required Vive controllers. Still worth it for Dolphin VR by far. Playing Resident Evil 4 Gamecube version is a real treat. While everything is in stereoscopic 3D the headtracking is completely independent of your movement controls allowing full 360 immersive environment gawking using your head while moving your character in his own direction with gamepad. Very cool way to play many gamecube games and in 2560×1440 VR!


    Small update…it really only shines in Windows 10 using Media Class Foundation codec and not NVENC in Windows 7 the latter being too laggy to play — input response is delayed onscreen. However Windows 10 works without any perceivable lag to input controlling character onscreen in headset. This is great tech for better image quality than Vive/CV1. I’m surprised Vorpx in-game menus worked and everything. Forgot to mention my specs i5 2500K @ 4.2Ghz with NVIDIA 670 4GB and 16GB ram

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