I made an Essential guide for 2021 for Newcomers.

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    I’ve been featuring a lot of games in VorpX recently and been getting a lot of questions and feedback, so I made a GUIDE today which I hope helps newcomers to VorpX:


    I don’t know how you managed to get hitman3 running because it crashes on startup for me, regardless of which client I use, and I’ve tried them all, including the generic 3d display, as well as all of the dx12 profiles. The vorpx log indicates a failure in directML command queuing when I use the rdr2 profile.

    Nothing in your “essential” guide about that I think, but it was tld watch.


    as an experienced vorpx user i dont need a guide, but thank you for taking time to make that guide, i hope that will help some people ^^


    Thanks so much for posting this guide here! I see so much potential through vorpX from testing fallout 3 alone


    Hey PD,

    I have been on the fence for trying VORPX for games for over a year now, would it work? I was able to launch the game in desktop on the windows vr home. but the controllers were in game and in the home, so THIS VIDEO really gave me a good feeling in finding a solution for gaming.

    I found your essay informative and well done. thank you for covering some of the questions I had.

    The instructions for setup are easy to follow and well explained. you went through some common issues and demonstrated how they are fixed. /steam.

    keep up the good work!


    Ive been on the fence on buying a VR set. Mainly going to be playing 2D games.

    For the next year or two, I see myself playing Lost Ark exclusively, which is an isometric game like Diablo which is on dx11.

    Can someone describe their experiences playing 2D games using vorpx?
    I’ve never played 2D games on VR. I read that people can play using bigscreen but I don’t see how that experience will be any better than looking at a regular monitor.


    Appreciate all your hard work man!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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