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    I like your product, I want to like it even more though!

    I own and have gifted many copies to friends.

    But! dun dun dun!

    It seems like many many many many games just do not work with this thing ; /

    I wanna play ESO with all the shinies on in dx11 T_T I have no idea what my pet goat Nipples looks like outside of low res and DX9 >.<

    I want to poke baddies with my bullets in Neocron!

    I want Dying Light to render properly T_T its pitch black except for light sources like lamps n stoof!

    I want true 3D not fake to work on every game : 3

    I want a profile sharing system >,…,> please please please : 3

    I want the ability to revoke my license from a pc by logging into the website and clicking a button instead of having to send a slow email and wait on support to do it for me O_O

    I want the ability to select, drag and place individual UI elements in my games through VORPX, This would be a HUGE game changer and would be a massive quality of life improvement!

    I know Vorpx can grab the virtual surface that the Ui elements rest on and shrink it, ok thats the first step, consider this though, what if you wrote a system for this where Vorpx would put a virtual camera that would look only in a user selected space for ui elements, then create a movable copy that is updated in real time so the user can put it where he or she wants and make it resizable too. Then when they move it just alpha out the original to the user and that way only Vorpx can see it and the user only sees one element instead of two, The user would need to be able to create any number of these selections of varying sizes and shapes.

    Can you do this? Please say it is possible, My Gawd this would put you guys over the top! because I mean >.> Every game would become vr compatible essentially!

    Will there be Direct x 12 support?

    WIll there be / is there SLI support?

    I am sure there’s more stuff I wanna ask!

    but… I forgot o.o so I will add more later if my memory remembers :3

    I remember now, will you Support CV1, if so will it be day one?

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