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    So I posted my New Vegas experience on Reddit:

    Just Finished New Vegas in VR
    byu/vive420 inVive

    I finished New Vegas exclusively in VR after 153 hours. It was a fantastic experience. It’s getting a lot of upvotes and aside from a few imbecile trolls that are too thick to figure out vorpx, it seems the majority of people are reacting positively to VorpX which I hope will lead to more sales for Ralf.

    One criticism I heard about VorpX was on Skyrim. Here’s what the guy said:

    every after working perfectly, there are tons of problems and bugs that make enjoying games IMPOSSIBLE.
    The only value i’ve been able to get from this software is standing with my head still in my house in skyrim, looking at that in 3D.
    But whenever i moved my head around, even with direct3D, there were visual aberrations and strange things happening that made it impossible to enjoy it (like watching up or down made things morph in shape by getting bigger or smaller or distorting in weird ways).
    Gameplay itself was impossible due to the gargantuan arms bug, unsolvable via mods unless you get rid of the direct3D and thus rendering the game unplayable in different ways even worse than the gargantuan arms.”

    So this guy claims that after a DirectVR scan, aside from the giant hands (common problem) apparently movement would give a lot of weird visual distortions. Did anyone else experience that with Skyrim in the recent versions of VorpX?

    I personally never used VorpX on Skyrim and instead plan to wait for a native VR port. But I may use VorpX with skyrim in the future to play a modded version of Skyrim after I beat the game vanilla using motion controls in the vr version will probably won’t support mods (I still haven’t played eithe skyrim or fallout 4 so my first experience will be in native vr).

    For New Vegas my VorpX run was basically amazing with no distortions. The 3D was really great. The next game I plan to play with VorpX is oblivion which I expect will run pretty well since it’s old. I want to focus on older Bethesda games like New Vegas and Oblivion because it’s unlikely that they will ever get native vr ports.


    I have to be careful what to say, so just a word of advice: do not try to reason with that guy, quite a few others already failed since almost a year. Unless you totally agree with him, all you will achieve is making him more mad – if that is even possible. Regardless what you say or how you say it.

    Skyrim is one of the most played titles with vorpX and works like Fallout 3/NV with Direct VR apart from performance (newer and thus more taxing) and positional Direct VR being disabled per default since it can cause position jitter after a while (e.g. when your character dies). ‘Normal’ positional tracking, which is suited for playing seated or standing without walking around, is available though. And if you don’t mind to restart every now and then, you can also enable positional Direct VR.


    Nah, biggest issue I have with Skyrim is the giant hands issue, which can be somewhat fixed with a mod called enhanced camera and you need to enable experimental hands in the ini for the mod, if i remember correctly.


    Glad people are coming around! Bethesda games in VR are like bread and butter. Honestly the people having overblown ‘problems’ with Bethesda games and VR are probably not very smart when it comes to modding. If you dont know what your doing you can break your game. Then those people get pissed and its a mod that’s causing the issues. They uninstall and reinstall the game, but they are dumb and didn’t uninstall the mods, so they just stayed right where they were and made the game malfunction just as it did before they reinstalled the game.

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