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    Hi all,

    Trying to make a working G3D profile for Burnout Paradise Remastered but would love some clarifications about my results so far.

    A bit of background first:

      There is a cloud profile that works for the original game (I have tested and it works with G3D).
      Vorpx does not hook to the remastered exe with that cloud profile after changing the exe.
      Vorpx + alternative hook method does not work either with that cloud profile.
      Vorpx + alternative hook DOES hook with the remastered exe (if no profile is loaded, giving me the opportunity to make a z-normal profile). However, G3D does not work with this new local profile.

    My questions:

      If Vorpx hooks successfully to the remastered exe, does this mean I’m close to making G3D happen? The original game has a working G3D profile and does use the same engine as the remaster, so does this mean there’s a good chance the remastered can also work with G3D?
      Now the hard question: how can I “troubleshoot” to figure out what makes the original work in G3D but not the remaster? Is there a way to compare “hook logs” or compare “internal” settings? If the cloud profile can pull it off, I’m sure I can as well, but I don’t know how to get under the hood.



    UPDATE: After trying about 30 profiles, I have found a few game profiles that offer the Vorpx option for geometry to the Burnout exe, but the only affects some shaders (not the actual 3D world but rather just the particle effects, lights or skybox).

    Does this mean that the game can actually offer some G3D? It would look like it to me. But then, how to I tell Vorpx what world elements to apply the depth effect to?

    – Again, the original game works great in G3D. I feel like I’m so close for the remaster, but besides trying 1000+ profiles and hoping one does the trick, is there anything I can do at this point?

    – Does this “proove” that an official profile could be made by Ralf, or a talented profile maker out there?

    Any help would be appreciated!


    I guess there is not much you can do but trying out different profiles from DX11 games. The old game profile is DX9 and will not provide 3D for the game.

    If only parts of your game appear in 3D, editing shaders will very likely not be enough. Though you try out different shader settings and see if it helps. A profile author with more options should need to have a look at the game. Unfortunately i am not with EA, so if you turn out unsucessful you may put your game on the official wishlist.

    best if you try out DX11 profiles only, dont forget the DX11 games from the “unknown” list, each game is setup differently.


    Thanks. I believe I am using the correct command line to launch the game in dx9, but I will try more dx11 profiles too.

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